Issues with building warranties? What to do when your apartment or townhouse is damaged.

Question Summary: I am in a really bad situation with a property I own. Our building has 100 units. My unit and the building have sustained major water damage from...
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How to make a strata insurance claim?

It is hard to predict when strata lot owners or body corporates find themselves in a situation where they need to lodge a claim. From unforeseen weather disruptions to overnight...
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Emergency repair: What is and isn’t covered by strata insurance?

Question Summary: My shower and bathtub suffered a burst pipe in the middle of the night, which severely damaged my kitchen ceiling and bedroom flooring. The leak penetrated through different...
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What You Need to Know About Water Damage Claims – Part 2

Before you learn how to prevent water damage claims, do you understand the different components that make up a water damage claim? Preventing Water Damage Claims Now that you understand...
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What You Need to Know About Water Damage Claims – Part 1

Water Damage claims are one of the largest sources of claims for strata insurance and they make up almost half of the claims lodged by Strata Insurance Solutions. In a...
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Are My Contents Covered by Strata Insurance?

The basic principle is that if you pick the unit up and shake it, anything that falls out is lot owner’s contents including temporary flooring such as carpet, blinds and...
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Who is Responsible for Building Defects?

Strata insurance covers “sudden and accidental damage” and most policies will exclude cover for rectification of faulty or defective materials or workmanship. Building Defects: Depending on your situation and on...
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Who maintains Common Property?

Common property comprises of the areas within a strata plan that fall outside of individual lots. Some of these areas could be common driveways, common roofs, and common gardens. Legislation...
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