Understanding Fidelity Insurance

What is Fidelity Insurance?  At its core, Fidelity insurance serves as a safeguard against illicit activities such as theft or misappropriation of funds by individuals entrusted with managing these resources....
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Concrete Cancer in Strata Properties and Insurance Implications

Concrete Cancer in Strata Buildings Concrete cancer is a critical issue that can impact strata buildings and have a flow-on effect on insurance premiums and in extreme cases, insurability. In...
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The Makesafe Process in Strata Insurance

Makesafe Process In strata insurance, understanding the intricacies of the makesafe process is crucial for property owners, property managers and committees. Strata Insurance Solutions offers valuable insights into this aspect...
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Managing Hazardous Storage Items in Strata Buildings

Managing Hazardous Storage in Common Areas in Strata Properties Body Corporate Committees, often navigate complex scenarios, one of which involves the storage of potentially dangerous items within common property. Tyrone...
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Navigating Small Claims in Strata Insurance

Navigating Small Claims in Strata Insurance This article, with insights from Tyrone Shandiman, Managing Director of Strata Insurance Solutions aims to guide Strata Insurance policyholders through the decision-making process of...
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Adjoining Property Construction in Strata Buildings

Considerations for Adjoining Property Construction in Strata Insurance This article explores the complex world of adjoining property construction and the insurance considerations that strata property owners need to be aware...
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Navigating Recoveries in Strata Insurance

Navigating Recoveries in Strata Insurance In our latest strata insurance article, we will explore the intricacies of recoveries in strata insurance, how they function, and the factors that influence their...
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Understanding Floating Floor Coverage in Strata Insurance

Understanding Construction Works, Renovations, Alterations & Additions in Strata Insurance In the realm of strata insurance, it is vital to understand the implications of construction works, renovations, alterations, and additions...
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Water Damage in Strata Insurance

Water Damage in Strata Insurance Water damage can lead to complex situations in strata properties, especially when the damage originates from another unit within the building. Strata Insurance Solutions aims...
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Navigating Tenant Damage in Strata Insurance

Navigating Tenant Damage in Strata Insurance A crucial consideration often arises in strata insurance: How does strata insurance and insurers respond to damages caused by tenants? Our Managing Director, Tyrone...
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