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Maximum file size: 26.21MB

Maximum file size: 26.21MB

emergency make safe

During Business Hours

Contact us on 1300 554 165 if you have a claim that requires an Emergency Make Safe and we can advise on best course of action.

Outside Business Hours for Claims Involving 1 Lot Only

The lot owner is responsible and should appoint a Make Safe contractor and to contact the insurers 24/7 after-hours contact.

Outside Business Hours for Claims Involving Multiple Lots

Responsibility to engage a Make Safe contractor is the Lot Owner, Onsite Manager or Body Corporate/Owners Corporation representative. Make Safe claims can often include a component of damage to property insured by strata (building) and damage to property not insured by strata (including carpet and other temporary flooring). To avoid disputes between lot owners, the body corporate & insurer over who is responsible for what cost, it is recommended to contact the insurer's 24/7 after-hours contact.

Insurer Make Safe Contacts

We recommend contacting the Insurers Make Safe contact as soon as possible. If your insurer does not appear below, you are not sure of your insurer, or you are not able to contact your insurer, please contact our general 24/7 emergency Make Safe contact - 1300 831 094.


Provide policy number and ask builder to contract the Make Safe direct to Axis.

  • AXIS Queensland
    Advanced Buildings 1300 300 048
  • AXIS New South Wales
    Urban Building Solutions 02 9793 9921
  • AXIS All other states
    Bay Building 1300 766 216

1800 022 444

1800 803 548

1800 022 444

Call Bay Building 1300 766 216 (provide policy number and ask Bay Building to contract the Make Safe direct to Longitude)

1800 940 830

1300 724 678

1800 788 435


Following an appointment for Make Safe, please provide us with information for your Claim Lodgement form.

loss minimisation, liability
and indemnity

Take action immediately to protect property from further damage, however no action should be taken to repair damage until instructed by Strata Insurance Solutions, the Insurer or Loss Adjusters.

In general terms, no admission of liability should be made to any party in any form whatsoever. All correspondence, writs, summonses and demands should be sent to Strata Insurance Solutions immediately, so we can manage the situation for you thoroughly.


Claim management process
simple and efficient


claim lodgement

In the event of a claim, complete the form, providing all the information needed and we will lodge it with your insurer on your behalf. Our team will then be in contact with you and begin discussions with your Insurer. The more information you provide at the beginning of the process, the more chances we have to achieve a positive outcome.



Where your claim involves property damage, we will assist you to find a repairer who will restore the property to its pre-damage state. If your claim is unnecessarily delayed by your strata insurance company, we will follow up and monitor your claim for you, providing updates on the progress of your claim.



At Settlement, we will verify the payment amount to ensure you are settled the correct amount and arrange payments directly to your repairers.

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