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For Residential strata insurance, Commercial strata insurance or Body Corporate insurance, we make it easy for you. Get your strata insurance quote online, today. 

Step 1: Requesting a quote will take no more than 15 minutes, then we do all the legwork for you, finding strata insurance to cover your needs.



Provide all the information needed in less than 15 minutes.



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Email across your current policy and we can start on your quote immediately.

Step 2: Providing you with the insurance quote is what we do.



We talk to Australia's finest strata insurance brands who don't always deal directly with clients. We look for key components such as comprehensive coverage, quality and competitive prices. Once we have the sourced strata insurance options, we will call you to discuss in more detail.

Step 3: Managing your policy without the expensive fees.



Most strata insurers will charge you the same premium fees as they do us. However they also provide a commission to us, for introducing you as a client. Commissions embedded into premiums increase the cost of stamp duty and government levies.

With Strata Insurance Solutions, we remove the commission payable and charge a fee for service that’s 25% lower than the standard industry commissions. The benefit to you is our premiums (including stamp duty and government levies) can be lower than the premiums you pay directly with an insurer.

strata insurance policy
renewal process

6 to 8 weeks prior to the policy renewal date, we let you know your policy is falling due. It is important during this timeframe, to ensure you will receive the best value and coverage for your strata property, which is why we contact a minimum of three insurers for you to consider.

To ensure you are not under-insuring, typically a 3% to 6% increase will be applied to your building sum insured, to allow for CPI/inflation. We also offer you the opportunity to reduce your sum insured back to your previous policy levels.

It is vitally important to insure your property for the correct building sum and we recommend you consider regular insurance rebuild valuations for a qualified quantity surveyor.

At Strata Insurance Solutions we provide a full statement of advice at renewal and bring to your attention optional benefits that may be available to you.

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Irrespective of whether you’re seeking Residential strata insurance, Commercial strata insurance or Body Corporate insurance, we can help you protect your property assets for you and your unit owners.  For peace of mind, get your quick hassle-free strata insurance quote now.  

Our partner insurers

We collaborate with trusted insurance partners to provide you with a wide range of options. Our partner insurers have a proven track record and offer reliable coverage for your strata insurance needs.