Who is responsible when contents damage a strata building?

In strata properties, situations may arise where content items belonging to lot owners cause damage to the building. Common examples include burst washing machine hoses, dishwasher hoses, or plumbed-in fridge hoses leading to building damages. Addressing the responsibility and insurance coverage for such incidents is crucial to ensure a smooth claims process. Tyrone Shandiman from Strata Insurance Solutions provides expert insights on the matter, shedding light on the policy to claim against and potential recovery actions.

Claim Against Strata Insurance Policy

When content items cause damage to the strata building, the appropriate policy to claim against is the strata insurance policy that covers the property. Strata insurance is designed to protect the building against unforeseen events, including damages caused by the contents owned by lot owners.

Can the Strata Insurer Recover Against the Owner?

One common question that arises in such situations is whether the strata insurer can recover the costs from the lot owner responsible for the damage. The answer is a resounding "no." Lot owners are insured parties under the strata insurance policy, and as such, the insurer cannot pursue recovery actions against them. The purpose of insurance is to cover damages and losses, even if the damage was caused by a content item owned by a Lot Owner.  Notwithstanding, as a tenant is not an insured party to the policy, the insurer may recover from a tenant in certain circumstances.

When content items like washing machine hoses or dishwasher hoses cause damage to a strata building, the responsibility lies with the strata insurance policy to cover the costs of repairs. Lot owners need not worry about potential recovery actions, as they are protected as insured parties under the policy.  With their expert knowledge, Strata Insurance Solutions offers invaluable insights to navigate such situations and ensure smooth claims processes for strata properties.

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