Understanding Office Bearers Liability Insurance in Strata

In this article, we will delve into the coverage provided by Office Bearers Liability Insurance, its significance for Committee or Office Bearers, and the recommended coverage amounts for Australian strata buildings. Read on to understand the importance of Office Bearers Liability Insurance and how it safeguards against potential legal claims.

Office Bearers Liability Insurance is specifically designed to protect Committee or Office Bearers in strata buildings from legal claims that may arise due to actions taken while performing their official duties. This insurance coverage plays a vital role in safeguarding the personal liability of individuals serving in these positions.

Office Bearers Liability Coverage and Benefits


One of the key aspects of Office Bearers Liability Insurance is its coverage for legal claims filed against Committees or Office Bearers. For example, if an Office Bearer makes a decision that exceeds their authorized powers and causes financial losses to other Lot Owners, those affected owners may pursue legal action. In such cases, this insurance policy covers the judgments, settlements, and associated legal fees incurred in defending the claim.

Importance of Coverage Amount


Determining the appropriate coverage amount is crucial to ensure adequate protection. The recommended coverage depends on the value of the strata building. For buildings valued under 20 million, it is advised to have a coverage amount of $1,000,000. However, for buildings valued over 20 million, the exposure to potential risks is higher, necessitating a coverage amount of $5,000,000.


Securing Office Bearers Liability Insurance


If you are a Committee Member responsible for arranging insurance, including Office Bearers Liability Insurance under the Strata Policy is vital. By doing so, you protect both the Committee or Office Bearers and the strata building community from potential financial burdens arising from legal claims. Strata Insurance Solutions offers tailored insurance solutions, including comprehensive Office Bearers Liability Insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind for strata buildings across Australia.


Office Bearers Liability Insurance is indispensable for managing legal risks for Committee or Office Bearers in strata buildings. It covers legal claims, judgments, settlements, and associated legal fees incurred while performing official duties. Strata Insurance Solutions, a trusted provider of strata insurance solutions, emphasizes the importance of securing adequate coverage to protect both individuals and the strata community.


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