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The following information is to be used as a guide when quoting your insurance covers, as definitions and cover will vary between different insurers. When you are recommended an insurer, we suggest you review the policy wording for a complete overview of definitions and policy covers.

Appeal expenses (occupational health & safety)

1appeal imgCosts incurred in appealing against any an improvement, prohibition notice or determination by any court or tribunal made under any, occupational health and safety or similar legislation.

Audit Expenses

2audit imgCovers the cost of professional fees (such as accountants fees) if you are audited by the Australian Tax Office or another government organisation.


3building imgBuilding means the residential building you are insuring and includes:

  • All improvements and fixtures of a structural nature including fixed plant and machinery.
  • Services (including underground) owned by you or for which you are responsible whilst in and about the buildings.
  • Fixed appliances such as stoves, ovens, hotplates, hot water systems, built-in cupboards and bathroom fittings.
  • Any other items defined as buildings by the relevant legislation in the State or Territory where the building is located.


4catastrofe imgProvides additional cover to your sum insured for building, common contents and loss of rent where damage was caused by an event declared as a state of emergency. Following a catastrophe, re-building costs have in some instances been known to increase by more than 50% due to an increase in demand for construction.

Common contents

5comman imgCommon contents are domestic appliances, equipment, furniture and fittings for which you are responsible or for which you have assumed responsibility to insure in any common area or while in the building or temporarily removed to another building for repair or service.

Fidelity Guarantee

5fidelity imgThis provides cover for the Body Corporate group funds which are lost as a result of theft, embezzlement, misappropriation, conversion or fraud.

Legal Defence Costs

6legal imgLegal fees, costs, and expenses which you incur in legal proceedings initiated against the body corporate.

Legal Liability

7liabilty imgCovers for compensation or expenses which you become legally liable to pay in respect of personal injury or property damage, as a result of an occurrence arising in connection with the ownership of the property.

Loss of rent and/or temporary accommodation

8lost imgCovers the unit owner for loss of rent and/or temporary accommodation following damage to your property where:

  • Your buildings or sections of your buildings are unable to be lived in as a result of accidental damage or accidental loss.
  • Other property located near your buildings is damaged and access to your buildings is prevented.

Lot Owners Fixtures & Fittings

9owners imgCovers accidental loss or damage to Lot/Unit Owners Fixtures and Improvements in a Lot/Unit occupied solely for residential purposes.

Machinery Breakdown

10breakdown imgCovers breakdown of electrical, electronic and mechanical plant (such as air-conditioning units and pool pumps).

Office Bearers Liability

11office imgCovers claims made against any member (or former members) of the body corporate, arising out of a wrongful act in relation to carrying out their duties in relation to managing the strata title.

Voluntary Workers

12workers imgPays compensation, to any voluntary worker who suffers injury as a result of an accident, which is defined and covered under the policy wording (such as death, loss of sight or limbs, quadriplegia or paraplegia, total permanent disablement).

A voluntary worker is any unit owner or other person working on your behalf in connection with the property and at your direction, without fee or reward or any expectation of fee or reward.

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