When your policy renews, we contact you 6-8 weeks prior as a courtesy to let you know your policy is falling due.  To ensure you are getting the best value and coverage for your strata property, we approach a minimum of three insurers for you to consider.

If there are any increases to your strata insurance premium, we will provide you with information as to why.

To ensure you are not under-insuring, typically a 3% to 6% increase will be applied to your building sum insured, to allow for CPI / Inflation. We also offer you the opportunity to reduce your sum insured back to your previous policy levels.

It is vitally important to insure your property for the correct building sum and we recommend you consider regular insurance rebuild valuations from a qualified quantity surveyor.

We provide a full statement of advice at renewal and bring to your attention optional benefits that may be available. 

why us?

Why we are the best

  • Fast online quote
  • Access to many Insurers
  • Competitive Premiums
  • Responsive Claims Service
  • Detailed advice
  • No Strata Managers Commissions