We believe that the true test of the value and integrity of our relationship is our fast and efficient claims service and our rock solid claims advice. Strata insurance Solutions do not charge claims management fees.  The premium you pay at renewal completely covers all costs of handling management of claims big or small.

When you need to make a claim we will provide you with a complete and hassle free beginning-to-end claims management service. This extends to:

Claim lodgement

In the event of a claim, contact us and we will lodge it with your insurer on your behalf. We will ensure as much required information is provided to the insurer as needed to cut out any delay caused by going back and forth for information. Additionally, if a claim form is required we can complete it with you over the phone to save you time and hassle.


Where your claim involves property damage, we will assist you to find a repairer who will restore the property to its pre-damage state.Follow up: If your claim is unnecessarily delayed by your strata insurance company, we will follow up and monitor your claim for you and provide you with updates on its progress.


At settlement we will verify the payment amount to ensure you are settled the correct amount and we can arrange payment directly to the repairer.

why us?

Why we are the best

  • Fast online quote
  • Access to many Insurers
  • Competitive Premiums
  • Responsive Claims Service
  • Detailed advice
  • No Strata Managers Commissions