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If you’re a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation you want the best value insurance which delivers reduced levy costs to your unit owners. Strata Insurance Solutions can help you deliver this commitment.

With our specialised insurance solutions, we assist Body Corporate Committees that have a building sum of two million dollars or more with exclusive access to the most cost effective solution for your Residential or Commercial Strata Insurance.

Why use our simple, five minute online quote system?about quote image

  • If you request a quote online we will refund 25% of our commission rebate directly back to the body corporate insurance premiums, which is a direct saving for your unit owners.
  • It’s an easy, fast online submission for commercial and Residential Strata insurance, that you can complete in as little as five minutes.
  • We can access 10 body corporate insurance companies, most of which do not deal directly with the public or body corporate managers
  • You can pay your strata insurance premiums in instalments. You can pay your premiums off half now and half in six months time, quarterly or months.
  • Our client is you. So you engage us to represent your interests over the interests of the strata insurance company.


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About Strata Insurance Solutions

about strata imageStrata Insurance Solutions are proudly authorised representatives of Insurance Advisernet, a successful Insurance Broking Licensee established in 1996 with over seven hundred and fifty million dollars of gross written premium under management in Australia and New Zealand.

That means when you deal with us, we provide you with advice on choosing the right policy from one of the most comprehensive range of insurance products and services available.

If you have received quotes or a renewal from your strata manager, consider the following before you sign up for their offer:

  • Does your strata manager represent you? Are they agents for a body corporate insurance company and working for their profits ahead of your satisfaction?
  • Does your strata manager handle all claims (such as lodgment, follow-up and settlement) or do they just provide you with the insurers “1300” phone number and leave you to deal directly with the insurance company?
  • When your premium increases, does your strata manager only have access to 1-3 strata insurance companies and have they told you the premium they are offering is the best offer available?
  • Has your strata manager come back to you with a “second offer” after seeing more competitive quotes you have received from other providers? And if so, does accepting their offer mean the body corporate insurance company they recommend will increase their premium in coming renewals so you are in line with your their “standard rate?
  • You pay the premium, but what commission does your strata manager receive for it? And what insurance services do they provide for receiving that commission?
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